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Testing Specialties

At VHL, our goal is to provide high-quality laboratory results from a single laboratory, simplifying the ordering process for our clients.


Our full-service testing laboratory includes test options in the following disciplines:

  1. Clinical Laboratory: This core laboratory consists of our Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation and Urinalysis departments. Our many panel and single test options cover both screening and diagnostic tests and are FDA approved/cleared.

  2. Molecular Laboratory: This laboratory focuses on the identification of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from a wide range of infectious agents.

  3. Toxicology Laboratory: This laboratory can determine the presence of drugs, metabolites and harmful chemicals in a patients system through both Presumptive and Definitive testing. All tests are available on either urine or saliva samples.


Click on the boxes below to see the test menu and additional information for each laboratory section.

Clinical Lab


Molecular Lab


Infectious Diseases Testing Information

Toxicology Lab

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