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VHL Patient Portal

Vibra Health Lab's Patient Portal allows you to view your results from anywhere with a cell phone or computer.

Your provider must be using our online Patient Portal feature for you to receive your results online.

You will need to provide your email address and cell phone number at the time of your appointment to receive your results.

You will receive an email and a text message when your results are ready, with a link to the Portal with your results. Click the link in either message or the orange "Patient Portal" button here to sign in with your email.

After entering your email and checking "I'm not a robot" clicking "Send Code" will send a one-time access code to your email and/or cell phone to use to Login to the Portal.

Have an iPhone?

Follow these steps to view your results!

If you have an iPhone, when going to view your results in our Patient Portal, Safari may block the Pop-Up, not allowing you to view your results. Before you visit the Patient Portal, you will want to follow the steps below to turn off your Pop-Up Blocker.

Find and open your Settings.

Scroll down in Settings until you see Safari, then tap Safari to open its settings.

The toggle switch should be gray like the image below, if it is green, just tap it to turn it off!

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