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About Vibra

Vibra Health Lab (VHL) was built on the foundation of a partnership between two reputable companies known for their internal infrastructure and industry experience; OSP Health and Vibra Healthcare. VHL is based in Troy, Michigan. Our flagship, state of the art, full medical reference laboratory services the communities of Michigan and Ohio.


VHL seeks to deliver medically necessary and actionable results that allow our staff to work side-by-side with our clients. Our clinical specialists serve as a resource for our clients and are able to answer questions regarding testing options and test utilization, as well as assist with result interpretation and patient reports.

VHL offers a wide range of testing options to accommodate the needs of our clients:

  • Clinical Laboratory Testing - Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Immunoassay and Urinalysis

  • Molecular Laboratory– Molecular Microbiology and PGx Genetic Testing

  • Toxicology Laboratory – Presumptive and Definitive Testing


We make it easy on Healthcare professionals and patients by accepting all insurances. We are also able to integrate with your EMR system for quick and easy test ordering and result retrieval.

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