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The Myoglobin assay is a paramagnetic particle, chemiluminescent immunoassay.

Test Utility

Myoglobin is a heme protein found in striated muscle and is used to indicate muscle damage. Its main use is to determine heart muscle damage due to acute myocardial infarction. Levels may also be increased in cases of severe shock, trauma, high intoxication, terminal stage kidney failure, myocarditis and acute infections.

Specimen Collection and Preparation

Serum or plasma sample in the following tubes:

  • Preferred Specimen: Lithium Heparin (green top)

  • Also Acceptable: EDTA (lavender top) Sodium Heparin (green top)

       Serum separator tube (gold or tiger top)

Sample types should not be used interchangeably during serial testing.

Specimen Storage and Stability

Store serum or plasma at the following temperatures:

  • Room temperature: Up to 8 hours

  • Refrigerated: 2°C to 8°C for up to 24 hours

  • Frozen: -20°C or lower. Samples should be thawed only once.

Specimen Rejection

  • Insufficient sample volume

  • Sample not stored at proper temperature

  • Frozen whole blood

  • Severely hemolyzed samples

  • Severely lipemic specimens

  • Specimen labeled incorrectly or not labeled

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Monday – Saturday

Result available within 24 hours of receipt in laboratory

NOTE: Specimens are refrigerated (2-8°) for 7 days before disposal


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