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Methamphetamine Screen


Immunoassay screen for qualitative detection of EDDP in urine.

EDDP is the primary metabolite of methadone. Methadone is a synthetic opiate agonist that is often used in detoxification programs as an oral substitute for heroin or other morphine-like drugs to suppress withdrawal symptoms and/or to maintain chronic relapsing heroin addicts.

Measurement of EDDP instead of methadone for compliance can detect those individuals on the compliance program selling their methadone into the illicit drug market and spike their urine with a small quantity of methadone to cover their diversion. Their urine may test positive for methadone but would not test positive for EDDP, since the drug was not ingested and therefore never metabolized.

The EDDP assay uses recombinant DNA technology to produce a unique homogeneous enzyme immunoassay system. The assay is based on the bacterial enzyme β-galactosidase, which has been genetically engineered into two inactive fragments. These fragments spontaneously reassociate to form fully active enzyme that, in the assay format, cleaves a substrate, generating a color change that can be measured spectrophotometrically.

In the assay, the drug in the sample competes with the drug conjugated to one inactive fragment of β-galactosidase for antibody binding site. If the drug is present in the sample, it binds to antibody, leaving the inactive enzyme fragments free to form active enzyme. If the drug is not present in the sample, the antibody binds to drug conjugated on the inactive fragment, inhibiting the reassociation of inactive β-galactosidase fragments, and no active enzyme is formed. The amount of active enzyme formed, and resultant absorbance change are directly proportional to the amount of the drug present in the sample.

Test Utility

  • This test is used to detect the presence of illicit or prescription medications in urine.

Specimen Collection and Preparation

  • At least 1 mL of urine should be collected in a urine specimen container.

Specimen Storage and Stability

Urine specimen should be stored under refrigerated conditions (2–8°C) until analysis. Samples will also be stored under refrigerated conditions on site for 2 weeks post analysis.

Specimen Rejection

  • Insufficient sample volume

  • Specimen labeled incorrectly or not labeled

  • Specimen validity tests indicate adulterated test

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Monday – Saturday

Result available within 24-48 hours of receipt in laboratory

NOTE: Specimens are refrigerated (2-8°) for 14 days before disposal


Vibra Health Laboratory

1307- A, Allen Dr

Troy, MI 48083

(248) 846-0663

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