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Testing performed on DxC 700 AU analyzes with plasma.

Test Utility

Used mainly in the diagnosis of urea cycle defects and in the detection of Reye's syndrome. Levels of ammonia do not correlate well with CNS changes in end-stage liver disease.

Specimen Storage and Stability

Ammonia samples are stable for 3 hours at 2-4C or 24 hours at -20C.

Specimen Collection and Preparation

It is recommended that human plasma be collected in EDTA. Ideally, the collection tube should be completely filled with blood and immediately placed on ice and send to the lab. One Lavender Top EDTA tube, minimum 3.0mL Whole Blood on ice.

Specimen Rejection

  • Improperly labeled

  • Specimen grossly (hemolyzes)

  • Specimens that were not placed on ice immediately after collection.

Reference Ranges

18 - 72 umol/L


Monday - Saturday, 16 hours a day.

Result available after getting the specimen in 5 hours.

STAT results available within 2 hours of receipt in the Laboratory.


Vibra Health Laboratory

Phone: (248) 846-0663

1307 Allen Dr, Suite A, Troy, MI 48083

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